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Platelets play an important role in regenerative medicine. The three basic factors in regenerative medicine which are signal, scaffold and cell. Platelets provide signals to induce tissue regeneration, on the other hand, lead to the formation of fibrin, and provide the scaffold for wound healing. 

In fact, numerous growth factors are contained in the alpha-granules of platelets, such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), platelet -derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor β (TGF-β). The growth factors in platelet participate in all four stages of tissue healing. In other words, platelets provide a total package of growth factors and contribute in to whole process of tissue healing. It is the modulator of inflammation and tissue regeneration (Nurden 2019). First, it promotes revascularization of damaged tissue through the induction of migration, proliferation, differentiation, and stabilization of endothelial cells in new blood vessels. Second, fosters restoration of damaged connective tissue through migration, proliferation, and activation of fibroblasts. And also stimulates proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into tissue-specific cell types (Etulain 2018). 
As it contains increased concentration of platelet compared to native plasma, platelet rich plasma significantly improve tissue healing and repairing and thus be applied in various fields. Since the first reference of platelet-rich-plasma treatments applying in an open heart surgery was released in 1987, PRP became a popular alternative regenerative medicine therapy due to its simple operating procedure and low risk of allergic reaction. 
PRP offers promising results in multiple field including orthopedics, sports medicine, neurosurgery, dentistry, plastic surgery, urology, and more. The different formation of PRP also offers physician options for application. For example, ultrasound guided PRP injection is becoming more prevalent in treating symptoms relating to different tissues and musculoskeletal systems in recent years. PRP gel offers another option to be applied in surgery. As a gel formation, it provides scaffold to trap the platelets and attracts more progenitor cells and stem cells to the injured site. The other advantage of PRP gel is slow releasing, which allows the environment of the injured site to be infiltrated with growth factor for a longer period. More details about the easy preparation of “Aeon” Acti-PRP, see the section of the advantages here. 
With its features of natural source and easy preparation, PRP is a convenient, safe, and effective treatment in numerous areas.

With its unique and considerate design, “Aeon” Acti-PRP is a safe, simple, yet versatile Platelet-rich Plasma product. Without the addition of any foreign component, Acti-PRP is designed to prepare 100% autologous Platelet-rich plasma. After a few simple steps, 5-6 mL of PRP can be obtained in less than 10 minutes. And both liquid form of PRGF or gel form PRF are available to prepare with the product. 

- 100% Autologous
No additives, such as anticoagulant or activator are required in Acti-PRP. 
Most PRP products on the market need anticoagulant. And since the activation of the platelets is the key of PRP, activator is also needed in PRP preparation. However, it is just the opposite of the purpose and one of the biggest advantage of PRP: AUTOGOLOUS.
Therefore, 100% autologous is the principle that Aeon insist and follow. This no additives features make the safest and the most natural PRP possible. 
- Efficiency of RBC removal
Since RBCs induce pain, inflammation, or even necrosis of cartilage, the 99% removal of RBCs in Acti-PRP prevent the risk above.
In order to evaluate differences of platelet and RBS counts between whole blood and Acti-PRP prepared samples, venous blood from eight healthy donors were collected, processed then measured by CBC. The RBC counts from all samples were drastically reduced by 99.9%. The efficiency of RBC removal limits the possible side effects and adverse events to minimal.
- Versatility: Adjustable platelet concentration
Acti-PRP extracts activated platelets and growth factors without any additives of foreign substances. Once outside the blood stream, platelets begin their activation and start secreting abundant cytokines and proteins including PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, VEGF, FGF, and IGF-1…etc, to induce proliferation. 
As the figure above suggests, different preparation procedures influence the outcome of growth release. Comparison among regular PRGF, concentrated PRGF and anticoagulant-add PRP shows the anticoagulants block coagulation cascade and halt platelets to their resting states: this significantly reduce the secretion of platelet growth factors. 
Also, the features of different concentration of PRP to the physicians make Acti-PRP more flexible in clinical application. In some cases, only small cavities were allowed for the injection of PRP. With the higher concentration and smaller volume of PRP, patients may receive times of growth factors at the injured site to speed up the healing.
- Versatility: Formulates PRGF or PRF on demands.
“Aeon” Acti-PRP can prepare both Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) for injection and spray, as well as the gel form Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for surgical applications according to physicians’ demands. 
For injection, regular PRGF provides the platelet concentration of 2-3x with the volume of 4-6 mL, as to concentrated PRGF, 4-6x of platelet concentration with the volume of 1-2 mL.
For surgery, two concentrated Acti-PRP were combined into one coagulation container to form desired PRF shape.
- Packaging and Sterility
Acti-PRP has the thoughtful package design with individual packaged in double blisters. Moreover, the designated equipment to go with the Acti-PRP including the sterilizable coagulation container and centrifuged bucket, all comply with aseptic technique standards. 
- Easy preparation and low blood draw volume
The preparation of Acti-PRP just needs few steps within 10 minutes. It requires a reduced draw volume of 10 mL, as compared to competitions as high as 60-120 mL.
“Aeon” Acti-PRP provides 2 different volumes and double blister packages. 
APA-10G – 5mL~7 mL blood for 3mL-4 mL PRP (single blister package)
APA-15G – 10 mL blood for 4mL-6 mL PRP (single blister package)
APA-15 – The same as APA-15G but with double blister package and convenient for the sterility request in the operating room.


The Autologous CellPrep Kit is designed to be used for the safe and rapid reparation of autologous platelet-rich plasma from a small sample of blood and for preparation of a cell concentrate from bone marrow which can be applied for tissue regeneration in orthopedic applications.

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