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What is PRP?

     PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is isolated from whole blood that is preferentially enriched for platelets. Platelets not only play an important role in hemostasis and thrombosis but also the natural reservoirs for growth factors. The high concentration of growth factors released by platelets may modulate inflammatory response, control infection, accelerate wound healing and promote tissue regeneration.


Where does PRP come from?

     PRP comes from your own body. To proceed a PRP preparation, 10 mL of venous blood must first be drawn from you. The platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is increased by the process of centrifugation. Gently mix the increased concentration of platelets with remaining plasma while other cells are separated by our separation gel. Within 10 minutes, your PRP is ready for injection.


What are the benefits of PRP?

     Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a safe, effective and innovative treatment for joint pain, tendon injury and many other syndromes. Since there is no anticoagulant or activator required, “Aeon” ACTI-PRP is designed as 100% autologous and reduced the possibility of anaphylaxis. Also, it takes less than 10 minutes for the whole preparation process. The advantages of PRP treatment include reduced downtime and improved outcomes.


What are the side effects of PRP?

     Since PRP is the extraction of your own body, adverse events to the treatment are rare. However, pain, swelling or minor bleeding may be observed at the injection site.


Is PRP new?

     The first documented reference of PRP treatment was used in a cardiac surgery clinical trial in 1987 and then became a popular option of regenerative medicine in multiple fields.


What kind of conditions are treated with PRP?

     Research studies are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of PRP in the fields including orthopedics, sports medicine, neurosurgery, dentistry, plastic surgery and more. However, the physiological mechanism of PRP is to induce tissue regeneration by concentrated growth factors from platelets. Please consult with your doctor about your medical condition. Only your doctor can determine if PRP therapy is right for you.


Am I a valid candidate for PRP treatment?

     The benefits of PRP come from concentrated platelets. Therefore, patients with following conditions should be careful and talk to your doctor before PRP treatment.


-        Dysfunction or abnormalities of platelet

-        Thrombocytopenia

-        Hypofibrinogenaemia

-        Hemodynamic Instability

-        Sepsis

-        Acute or chronic infection

-        Chronic liver pathology

-        Patients having anti-coagulation therapy

-        Long term user of Aspirin or Vitamin E

-        Immune related diseases

-        Cancer


The advantages of “Aeon” Acti-PRP

     With our unique and considerate design, “Aeon” Acti-PRP is a reliable product with simple preparation procedures. 


Fast: Acti-PRP system consistently create our final product proceeded in just under 10 minutes.

Safe: PRP developed by Acti-PRP system is created from autologous venous blood without any additive. There is no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

Effective: Acti-PRP deliver high concentration and yield of platelets compared to other systems.

 What is BMC?

     BMC stands for Bone Marrow Concentration. Bone marrow is a rich source for nucleated cells including different types of progenitor cells and stem cells. The cell types isolated from bone marrow concentrated have been demonstrated to support the regeneration of bone, cartilage, muscle, marrow, ligament and nerve tissue. Aeon Biotherapeutics Crop. developed A-BMC, which concentrated the nucleated cells from bone marrow aspirate (BMA). Therefore, BMC therapy is a promising way to help accelerate healing in moderate to severe osteoarthritis, tendon injuries and other diseases. 
Where does BMC come from?
     BMC comes from your own bone marrow. Just aspirate approximately 10 mL of  bone marrow from iliac crest into the A-BMC tube, then centrifuge to isolates the cells. The just withdraw the BMC into syringe and it is now ready for use.
What are the benefits of BMC?
     Bone marrow is the resource of abundant regenerative cells. By drawing and configuration of the bone marrow of patient self, the Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) is able to extract the cells with ability to heal and differentiate, including nucleated cells, progenitor cells, and growth factor, and can be applied in the healing and repair of bone, tendon, ligament, cartilage, nerves, soft tissue and muscle. It is a minimally invasive procedure and aspirating just few bone marrow has no negative effect to your health. 
What are the side effects of BMC?
     Side effects may include pain, bleeding at the site. Infection or nerve injury are also possible. 
What kind of conditions are treated with BMC?
     Due to Its richness in stem cells, progenitor cells, and cytokines, and its ability to differentiate into different tissues for organ regeneration, clinical applications of autologous bone marrow include osteonecrosis, delayed healing of the bone, osteoarthritis, cartilage repair, intervertebral disc degeneration, diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis and more.
     However, it depends on the condition of the patient and the disease to know if BMC is an option for you, please consult with your doctor for more information. 
Am I a valid candidate for BMC treatment?
     Patient with following situation should be careful and talk to your doctor before having the treatment. 
- Dysfunction or abnormalities of platelet
- Hypofibrinogenaemia
- Dermal infection or bone fracture at the puncture site
- Hemodynamic Instability
- Osteopetrosis or osteoporosis
- Acute of chronic infection
- Chronic liver pathology
- Patients having anti-coagulation therapy
- Long term user of Aspirin or Vitamin E
- Sepsis
- Cancer
- Immune-related disease
The advantage of “Aeon” A-BMC
     With our unique and considerate design, “Aeon” A-BMC is a safe, convenient, and minimally invasive treatment.
Quick: The preparation of A-BMC takes only 30 minutes. Recovery time is also short since its minimal invasion features.
Safe: The BMC is the concentrated aspiration of your own body, the autologous treatment reduces the possibility of rejection.
Effective: The treatment provides high concentration of cells with self-renewability and pluripotency, its ability of regeneration offers promising results in many different medical specialties.
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